How To Get a FREE XL



Step 1) Do you have an XL Speaker? 🤔

"Yes" 😃  = skip to Step 3
"No" 😕 = proceed to Step 2


Step 2)  You don't need anything but a phone and internet connection for this step  🤳 

Go to our TikTok Page here:

(Screenshot- XL Speaker TikTok Page)

Screenshot of @AirPodXL TikTok Page
~more TikTok posts~
📥 Find any TikTok Post and Save the video:
(hold thumb down until "Download Icon 3530275 Save Video" appears)
📲 Post the Saved TikTok Video to your TikTok

*Easy Example to Download*:



Step 3) (Skip if you do not have an XL Speaker)

Post a video of your XL speaker on TikTok with the hashtag #XLspeaker and make sure to tag our account at @xlspeaker



   Done)                 Wait...


*All I do is post a TikTok?*

Yup, pretty much.

The more views your TikTok gets, the more XLs we will send you.

Use this table as a guide

 👁 Views (above)
🎁 Giveaway
▷ 10,000+
1 XL
▷ 100,000+
2 XLs
▷ 500,000+
3 XLs
▷ 1,000,000+
4 XLs
▷ 3,000,000+
5 XLs
▷ 5,000,000+
🎉 6 XLs - ALL 6 colors  🎉


 Remember to tag us @xlspeaker and hashtag #XLspeaker

We will send you your Free XL once you contact us ( ) with a screenshot of your video and view-count.