About Us

We are not affiliated with Apple Inc. or Apple™ or AirPods

We sell large, functional speakers that do not claim or portray to be actual AirPods

Our Story

It started on a curious day when we first tried to engineer a speaker/amplifier for our AirPods to increase the sound decibels being emitted from our tiny AirPods. After using much tape, cardboard, and plastic the configuration we ended up with barely allowed for someone a few feet away to hear the audio being played.

BAM- we had our problem. Instead of continuing down our original futile path of building (hardly successful or audible) contraptions to encapsulate the tiny AirPod and project the noise to everyone around, we went back to the basics.

"Why not just make it bigger?"

Wiser and simpler words have never been said prior. Well OK, we thought. Now it was time to source and problem solve.

We build 3D models and tried different materials and internal speakers until we found a replica prototype we were proud enough to unveil.

Big Problem... the sound was low quality and barely louder than a much smaller speaker of similar dimensions. The prototype was a step up from our original tape and cardboard cutout surrounding the tiny AirPod, but not eligible to sell to consumers in any way.

Here is where the genius kicked in.. Why not make the sound 3D stereo surround just like the original smaller AirPods are engineered to play? This way it is louder, higher quality, and closer to the original AirPods everyone has grown to love and use daily.

Thats exactly what we did.

And Voila- birth the XL Speaker. Now in a variety of colors so anyone can find a version they like.

-Raquaza M (founder and creator of XL Speaker)

contact@xlspeaker.com for any questions or business inquires.